Abstracts Inspired by the Microscopic

M.L. Burdick (Margaret), is a contemporary abstract painter who lives and works on the Central Coast of California. Her mixed-media work combines alcohol-based ink, acrylic, and oil pigments to make abstract paintings inspired by the microscopic world.

These works reflect the artist’s deep interest in natural processes. Details, detached from context, produce abstract and inspiring components.

From the small to the large, from the muted to the vivid, every painting begins with the same basic materials. The end results range widely, and while always in the domain of the abstract, the paintings are often strangely realistic.

Burdick’s highly intuitive process uses diverse painting techniques applied spontaneously. This free and impulsive painting style allows the energy of both the forms and the colors to fully emerge.

The paintings seem straightforward. However, they lead the viewer into a unique universe of abstract form and vibrant color and give rise to many unexpected and intriguing interpretations.

Act 1


Act 2




Act 3