Kunst H

The artist M.L. Burdick, who lives in California, studied painting and photography. Looking through a photo lens opens up new views onto familiar sights. For example: details, detached from context, produce abstract and inspiring components. Further, she develops her paintings out of an inner, free impulse. She frees up structures and energies contained in colors and subjects. Compositions such as “Emergence” pulsate from within through the use of powerfully radiating tones of red. Burdick allows the colors to flow together so they appear almost 3-dimensional. In particular at the place where the light emerges behind the red, like a fire flame. “Prelude” appears more contained and reminds me of blood seen through a microscope. Burdick achieves to create a strong but balanced composition with lights spots and colors softly flowing together in the background. Carried by a completely different energy is “Cells- Boy Girl”. As suggested by the title, the observer associates a successive melting together of body cells. The colors, running into each other on a concentric fashion, contrast with the white background. Again, the painter shows her love for close-ups, which lead the observer into a fascinating universe of abstract form and brilliant colors.
Ingrid Gardill, PhD.

Art Historian International Art Today Р2015