Hi!!! And Welcome 🙂

Thanks for visiting. I hope this site was sticky enough and you hung out for a while.

If you have any feedback on the ease of use or such like user interface aspects of the site, feel free to email me at mlburdickart@gmail.com and I will pass it onto the lovely, geeky, (yes, that is a compliment), dude that does the code. As for the rest of it, please point the clicker mouse at me.

So you know, all the works shown, sold or for sale, are originals done by me. It seemed redundant to type ‘Original’ over and over.

As for the “Whys?” I paint because it feels good to paint. There is some sort of energy I need to get out and its favorite escape route is the end of a paint brush.

The site is done up as a play in three acts ‘cuz “it is all a stage”. But I’am saying that after setting it up. Truth is it just kind of happened that way, organically.


(M.L. Burdick)